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World’s best airlines for on-time performance revealed; Hawaiian tops


DUBAI: The best airline in the world for on-time performance in 2016 was Hawaiian Airlines with OTP of 89.87%. Hawaiian improved its position significantly, moving up from 9th place in 2015 to 1st place in 2016, according to OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited.

Copa Airlines repeated its 2nd place ranking of 2015 with OTP of 88.75% in 2016. Closely behind, in 3rd place, is KLM with OTP of 87.89%, moving up the ranking from 12th place in 2015.

The largest airline featuring among the Top 20 airlines worldwide for OTP is Delta Air Lines, which operated the second largest number of flights of any airline in 2016. For an airline of this size, the fact that over 84% of all flights arrived on time over a year is a remarkable achievement.

Among the Top 20 airlines, there are four LCCs: Monarch, is the highest ranked of these in ninth place with OTP of 85.67%. GOL, Transavia and Jet2 are the other leading LCCs for OTP.

Top airlines: mainline category

Compared to 2015, there are eight new entrants to this category in 2016. The Top 20 mainline airlines category now includes eight from Europe, six from the Americas, five from Asia Pacific and one Middle East airline.

The list of Top 20 mainline carriers closely resembles the Top 20 global ranking, although Lufthansa, Avianca Brazil, Aerolineas Argentinas and Aegean Airlines join the mainline category.

Top airlines: LCC category

UK-based leisure airline, Monarch, is ranked 1st among Top LCCs for on-time performance, having achieved OTP of 85.67% in 2016, although the airline is ranked 9th amongst all airlines. Monarch was previously categorised as a mainline carrier and subsequently appeared in the mainline rankings last year, however it now fits into OAG’s LCC classification.

Three low-cost airlines are new to the Top 20; Spring Airlines, Eurowings and Spirit Airlines. Southwest, the largest LCC in the world, is ranked 7th with an OTP of 81.04%.

Airlines by region

Asia: Qantas is the most punctual airline in the region this year, improving from 4th place last year with OTP of 87.56%. Japan Airlines, the 2014 and 2015 winner, continues to maintain consistently high standards, ranking 2nd in 2016 with OTP of 86.74%.

Among the Top 10 Asia Pacific airlines for OTP, All Nippon Airways operated the highest number of flights in 2016. Although there are other Asia Pacific airlines which are bigger, none had a high enough OTP to make it onto the Top 10 list.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA): KLM takes top spot in the rankings for OTP in EMEA in 2016 with the highest OTP being 87.89%, up from 5th place last year. This is a significant achievement given its size and complexity of operations.

Four airlines in the region achieved OTP of more than 85% but none succeeded in achieving OTP of over 90%. Qatar Airlines narrowly missed the Punctuality League this year, being just below the coverage threshold, whilst Emirates did make the criteria but didn’t make the Top 10. Lastly, Etihad’s coverage is currently too low for inclusion in the Punctuality League.

Latin America: The Punctuality League 2016 includes eight airlines based in Latin America which meet the qualifying criteria.

At the top of the rankings is Sky Airline with OTP of 91.13%. Sky Airline is the only airline in Latin America to achieve OTP of over 90%.

Copa Airlines narrowly misses the top spot, appearing in second place in the region with OTP of 88.75%.

Low-cost airline Gol, the largest airline in Latin America in terms of flights operated in 2016, is ranked 3rd with OTP of 84.63%.

Following the merger of Lan Airlines (LA) and TAM (JJ) and the complexity involved in the data flows, we are unable to fully and fairly represent OTP for these LATAM group carriers in the 2016 Punctuality League. We look forward to including their results in 2017.

North America: Hawaiian Airlines retains the top spot in North America, improving on last year’s OTP.

Alaska Airlines is placed 2nd in the Punctuality League in North America with OTP of 86.05%. Virgin America, recently acquired by Alaska Airlines, comes further down the list in 10th place with 76.40%.

Delta Air Lines makes it into 3rd place, a significant achievement for a US major carrier, with

OTP of 84.29%. Westjet is the highest ranked LCC in North America for OTP with 81.36% of flights arriving on-time in 2016.

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