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UK’s Gatwick Airport warns of significant disruption due to train drivers’ strike


LONDON: UK’s Gatwick Airport has issued an advisory note for the passengers to expect significant disruptions over the coming days due to train drivers’ strike.
It urged passengers to leave for the airport as early as possible and also try to use alternative methods.
“We are expecting significant disruption to rail services to and from Gatwick on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, and Friday 13 January. There will be no Southern trains and reduced Gatwick Express services,” it tweeted on Monday.
It advised travelers to plan “journey in advance and allow plenty of extra time to get to the airport. You may want to consider alternatives methods of transport.”

Some airlines are moving
If you’ve flown from Gatwick before, you’ll know the airport has two terminals: North and South. Most airlines operate from just one or the other.
Three airlines will soon be moving: British Airways, Virgin, and some easyJet flights. The changes will take place over two days, and the airport claimed that it was working hard to make sure passengers experience no disruption, the airport said.

From 24 January 2017:
All easyJet flights will depart from the North Terminal

*From 25 January 2017:
All British Airways flights will depart from the South Terminal
All Virgin flights will depart from the North Terminal

If you are travelling around this time, there are a few things for you to bear in mind:
Checking your departure terminal

If you’ve booked a flight after 24 January 2017, you might be departing from a different terminal than you’re used to. Your airline should have told you which terminal to go to, and we’ll have extra staff and signage as a reminder. Remember to check before heading to your usual terminal – turn off the autopilot!

Checking your arrival terminal

If you fly out before 24/25 January 2017 but return after, affected airlines will return to a different terminal. Bear this in mind when you book your parking, or arrange a meeting point to be picked up from.

If you need to, travel between the two terminals using our free shuttle service, which is clearly signposted and takes just a couple of minutes.

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