Thursday, September 21, 2017, 9:44 pm

Turkish Airlines records annual growth in various categories


ISTANBUL: Turkish Airlines has reported growth in various categories for the period of January-November 2016, in comparison with the same period last year.

Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) for 2016 reached 157.2 billion, a 13.6 percent increase from the 140.4 billion achieved in 2015 with domestic and international showing a 6 percent and 14.7 percent growth respectively. Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) also increased by 7.8 percent to increase from 109.7 billion to 117.2 billion with the domestic and international lines achieving a respective growth of 4.7 percent and 7.2 percent subsequently.

The airline highlighted strong growth in the number of landings (passenger aircraft) which reached 430,092 for the period of January-November 2016 an increase of 3.3% in comparison with the same period last year.

Turkish Airlines also reported a growth in the number of Cargo/Mail carried from 654,051 to 791,285 tonnes (21 percent), and a 16 percent increase for international to international flights.

Emre Ismailoglu, General Manager, Dubai and Northern Emirates, Turkish Airlines, commented on these new figures: “As a global airline committed to delivering the best possible services to its customers, a key priority for us is having the necessary facilities and customer oriented attitude required to target our passengers globally, which is evident through all our increased numbers. Our aim for 2017 and for the many years to come is to continue our growth among all the categories to help maintain our customers’s satisfaction, while also showcasing our commitment to the market.”

Turkish Airlines has also placed a huge emphasis on its overall expansion, allowing it to target both more passengers and destinations. By end of November 2016, the airline has reached a fleet number of 334 up from 299 at the end of November 2015 with the number of wide body aircraft increasing from 72 to 86 and narrow body aircraft going up from 217 to 236, while cargo aircraft went up from 10 to 13 during the same period.

To further enhance its expansion plans, Turkish Airlines has also increased its destination flights from 280 to 293, with the number of domestic destinations going up from 48 to 49 and international destinations increasing from 232 to 244, further highlighting its motto of ‘Widen Your World’, which is very understandable with the airline that flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world.

  • 11.9 percent increase for ASK (Available Seat Kilometres)
  • 6.8 percent increase for RPK (Revenue Passenger Kilometres)
  • 21 percent increase for Cargo/Mail carried
  • 14.9 percentage increase for international to international transfer passengers
  • 3.3 percentage incease for total number of landings (passenger aircraft)

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