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This airline will offer fast and free Wi-Fi to every passenger from 2017


New York-based JetBlue will complete installation of Fly-Fi on all aircraft in 2016, advancing its effort to become the only U.S. carrier to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet on every aircraft available to every customer. JetBlue currently has Fly-Fi installed on its entire fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, and is nearing completion of its fleet of Embraer 190s.

Fly-Fi uses Ka-band satellite technology to offer a broadband Internet experience similar to what customers have at home, including the ability to stream video and use multiple devices at once.

With the collaboration with Amazon, JetBlue’s differentiated approach of providing high-speed Internet at no additional cost with a variety of entertainment choices and the ability to stream titles from Amazon Video is consistent with the airline’s founding mission of bringing humanity back to air travel. When JetBlue launched, it revolutionized inflight entertainment by introducing seatback televisions with free live programming – a popular feature that remains today.

TrueBlue loyalty points

JetBlue and Amazon have announced a generous new shop and earn program for JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty members, further building on an innovative relationship that already delivers to customers unlimited streaming entertainment over JetBlue’s acclaimed free Fly-Fi high-speed inflight Internet.

The new benefit offers TrueBlue members who shop on Amazon – in the air or on the ground using a unique JetBlue link – the ability to earn three TrueBlue points for every eligible dollar spent on (a). TrueBlue members can use the points to book one-way and roundtrip award flights on JetBlue-operated flights with all seats available for redemption with no blackout dates.

“Customers love to use our free Fly-Fi to shop while flying, so we decided to reward them for what they’re already doing – shopping on Amazon,” said Jamie Perry, vice president marketing, JetBlue. “We offer unlimited entertainment like in your own living room while also getting you on your way to free flights with a generous TrueBlue offer when you shop.”

Customers can take advantage of the offer in the air or anywhere on the ground:

  • Earn Points While Flying: TrueBlue members have an opportunity to earn points for shopping while they fly. Customers who log into Fly-Fi using their TrueBlue membership, or sign up for a TrueBlue account and then log-into Fly-Fi, will earn points while they shop and fly. The benefit begins rolling out on aircraft in December and will be installed on all aircraft by January 2017.
  • Earn Points on the Ground: TrueBlue members who want to earn points for any of their Amazon purchases – even when not flying – can sign in to their TrueBlue account at from anywhere and click on the Amazon link or go directly to trueblue.

Points earned on Amazon make TrueBlue even better

JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program rewards all customers, regardless of their travel frequency. With TrueBlue, there are no blackout dates with all seats available for redemption, and points never expire.

While redemption levels vary, the amount of points a certain trip requires is directly tied to current fares, and when flight fares are lower, so are award flight point fares. When searching for travel on, customers should select “points” instead of “dollars” to redeem TrueBlue points.

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