Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6:15 am

Shocking: 100 gold bars found under the seat of Qatar Airways passenger


DHAKA: Eleven kilograms of gold has been seized at Dhaka Airport in Bangladesh from a Qatar Airways flight.

Bangladeshi media reported that 100 gold bars were found concealed under a passenger’s seat. Weighing 11.6 kilograms, these bars had an estimated value of 60 million Bangladeshi taka (US$762,940).

Dhaka Airport’s Customs Assistant Director HM Ahsan Kabir said the aircraft was searched after they received a tip-off.

There has been a number of incidences of smuggling to and from Bangladesh in the recent past, keeping the authorities on their toes to police smugglers.

Qatar Airways spokesperson said: “Qatar Airways is supporting local law enforcement’s investigation.”

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