Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8:40 am

Scary! Toxic gas leak makes BA crew and passengers dizzy, aggressive and confused


LONDON: It was scary, indeed very scary!

An investigation has revealed that a British Airways flight experienced toxic gas leak, which badly affected the mental ability of the cabin crew and the pilots during the flight, forcing the pilot to divert flight and make an emergency landing.

The incident report was revealed in a leaked report seen by British daily The Sunday Times.

The investigation found out that the crew members were not able to remember things properly. In fact, one of the crew members dropped in the aisle and wrapped herself in a blanket. In another incident, one crew member told colleague that he is heading to a toilet but instead reached towards the end of the aircraft.

The cabin crew said that they smelt toxic fumes similar to burnt plastic before they began suffering symptoms including dizziness, itchy eyes, aggression and confusion.

British Airways said the aircraft has undergone inspection and there was no fault with the plane.

A passenger also told the newspaper how she fell ill on the flight, complaining that she felt “tightness in her chest” and has been plagued with headaches ever since.

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