Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6:02 am

Safi Airways in emergency landing due to landing gear problem


Safi Airways carrying passengers from western Herat province of Afghanistan made a emergency landing in airport today (Dec.10), Khaama News reported.

Initial reports indicate no casualties in the incident but sources said one passenger suffered injuries.

The main reason behind the incident is said to be technical issues and reports suggested that the landing gear of the plane suffered malfunctioning.

Facing some financial problems, operations of the airline were suspended due to a large outstanding debt and taxes payable by the airline earlier in September this year.

According to a statement by Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), the decision to suspend the operations of the airline was taken by the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

The statement further added that the airline has an outstanding debt payable amounting to AFN 1,152,774,691.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the outstanding debts are payable as per the tax declarations of the company for the solar year 1390 to 1393.

The airline did not take any step to clear the outstanding debts and taxes despite the Civil Aviation Authority prepared a draft signed by the other airlines to clear the outstanding dues in installments.

According to ACAA, the officials of the airline can be put on exit control list and the assets of the airline could be put on sale as per the 24th article of department of taxes affairs.

However the airline managed to resume it’s operations after a shortwhile, apparently resolving it’s outstanding issues with the government.

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