Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8:51 am

Royal Jordanian to boost frequency to 14 destinations


AMMAN: Royal Jordanian (RJ) announced that it will be increasing the frequency of its flights to 14 key Arab and international destinations on its route network as of summer 2017.

RJ has also rescheduled arrival and departure times providing passengers, particularly transit travelers, with the convenience of selecting from a broader array of flight options.

The network enhancement comes as part of RJ’s keenness to strengthen its presence and boost its connectivity in those cities, all while incorporating network consolidation throughout the high-demand summer season. This will ultimately increase RJ’s network connectivity by an additional 8 percent.

The 2017 summer operating plan will add an additional weekly flight to the already scheduled services to Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, Riyadh, Tunis and Algiers, and two additional weekly flights to New York, Kuwait and Dammam.

Furthermore, RJ will add three additional weekly flights to Medina, bringing the total number of weekly flights into the city to 16. Moreover, RJ will be operating a total of 15 weekly flights to Baghdad by adding six additional weekly trips to the existing schedule.

Passengers can now enjoy flying RJ to 52 destinations on board its modern and young fleet which, since the end of 2014, saw the introduction of seven new Boeing 787 Dreamliners that operate on medium and long-haul routes.

The commercial strategy implemented by RJ seeks to increase revenue for the airline through various means. Continuously meeting seasons’ demands, RJ periodically revises its route network in order to offer further flexibility, while matching aircraft capacity and flight frequency to destinations.

Royal Jordanian implements travel restrictions to US

Royal Jordanian received instructions from US authorities regarding travel restrictions for certain nationalities.

Accordingly, starting with January 29, 2017, RJ starts implementing instructions that say that the only nationals of Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen that are allowed to travel to the US are:

Permanent Green Card holders

A1 & A2 (government officials and immediate family)

C2 (travel to the UN)

G1 & G2 (representatives and employees of international organizations)

G3 & G4 (representatives to and employees of international organizations)

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Holders of all other types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas from the aforementioned nationalities cannot travel to the US till further notice.

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