Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 7:05 pm

Qantas CEO leaves Dubai for Australia for New Year, leaving stranded Qantas passengers behind


DUBAI: Was a sheer coincidence or it was destined to be this way?

Social media is abuzz with news of Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce flying to Australia from Dubai prior to New Year while leaving behind hundreds of stranded Qantas passengers at the Dubai International Airport.

Reports claimed that the passengers of A380 aircraft were stranded in the emirate’s for 20 hours on the New Year Eve. The passengers were kept at a hotel while the engineers worked on repairing the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

During the last couple of weeks, heavy fog has forced a number of airlines to cancel or delays flights to and from Dubai. This inclement weather is expected to continue for some more days.

Qantas passengers expressed frustration at the delays on social media.

“I’ve been delayed for 8 hours in Dubai airport. You sent people that you delayed yesterday off on my plane and now I’m stranded,” Mia Parkes-Talbot posted to the airline’s Facebook page from Dubai.

“I really want to go home and celebrate New Year’s Eve with family, friends and dog. Please get me home now! Please get me home before I have to spend the first moments of 2017 in an airport hotel.”

“Hi Qantas, what’s happening with your flights from Dubai? A friend is stranded there for days and may even miss NYE in Sydney. What’s the story?” said Steven Powell.

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