Thursday, September 21, 2017, 9:46 pm

Passenger stopped by airline staff for using an additional teabag at lounge


A British Airways staffer stopped a passenger from using two teabags while preparing tea at the Heathrow Airport lounge.

The offended passenger complained through online blog that the airline’s personnel intervened when he tried to use two fruit teabags in a cup while using the carrier’s lounge. Other media users blasted Britain’s national carrier over this “petty” matter of using teabags.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the British carrier apologized to the customer.

“Sir, just to inform you that it is only one tea bag at a time and for lounge consumption only’,” the hostess told the passenger, according to the Telegraph.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “As Brits we have strong feelings about how we like our tea, so we’re disappointed that someone would dare to stand in the way of our customer producing the perfect cuppa. We’d like to assure all our customers that they are, of course, free to blend their tea as they wish.”

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