Thursday, September 21, 2017, 9:07 am

Nile Air begins more domestic flights to Upper Egypt


CAIRO: Nile Air has become the first private Egyptian airline to launch domestic services to the Ancient Egyptian cities of Thebes Luxor and Aswan.

Following the successful launch of flights from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada this summer, the airline will continue this expansion by launching year-round services connecting the capital city of Cairo to the ancient cities of Luxor & Aswan from 30th December 2016. The new services will play an important role in developing tourism to Upper Egypt by offering Egyptians living in Cairo and international visitors, quick and conveniently scheduled flights to the historical cities.

Nile Air Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Aly, said: “As we continue to grow apace in Egypt, we have seen a clear need to increase our existence in the domestic market. We are delighted to introduce our two newest destinations of Luxor & Aswan in support of the revitalization of the Egyptian tourism market to the ancient & spectacular treasures of Upper Egypt.”

Luxor is unique among the world’s cities, originally built on the site of ancient Thebes over 4,000 years ago and is home to some of the most spectacular ancient sites in the world. Visitors will experience the past and the present, with a wealth of history and culture that spans centuries. There is hardly anywhere in the city that does not have a relic, offering an impressive representation of the splendor of the ancient Egyptians several thousand years ago.

A far cry from the bustling cities of Cairo and Luxor, Aswan’s picturesque surroundings and laid back culture allows for an intriguing combination of discovery and relaxation. The town is beautifully set on the East Bank of the Nile at the great river’s first cataract, where the skyline is dominated by Aga Khan’s Mausoleum. The pretty town is home to some of Egypt’s most spectacular wonders – magnificent temples, the monumental High Dam and beautiful Lake Nasser. Savour freshly-caught fish in floating restaurants and stroll along the wide corniche as sailboats drift past.

Services to both cities will start on the 30th of December 2016 to coincide with the holiday season and are conveniently timed to offer guests opportunities for weekend trips or week long trips to the ancient cities. Services between Cairo and Luxor will be operated three times a week (Monday, Thursday & Friday), whilst Cairo and Aswan will be connected twice per week (Monday and Friday).

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