Saturday, October 21, 2017, 1:35 am

Man sues Qantas for not watching 5 films during flight due to in-flight entertainment system problem


DUBAI: A disgruntled passenger has filed a lawsuit against Australian carrier Qantas for not being able to watch movies during his 10-hour flight from Hong Kong to Sydney.

The man had planned to watch five films during his journey with each valued at $20. But due to technical problem with the in-flight system, he was not able to watch the films and filed a lawsuit against the Aussie carrier for $100 against each movie as compensation, the Daily Mail reported.

Zoran Ivanovic had filed lawsuit in Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal but the court asked him to appeal before the higher court as Tribunal was not authorized to issue verdict on this matter as the incident took place on international flight.

“The flight was initially delayed after the airline detected problems with the entertainment system but eventually took off after it was fixed,” the Daily Mail said.

In an email, Qantas apologised for the technical problems and credited Mr Ivanovic 3,000 Frequent Flyer points, the daily said.

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