Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8:46 am

Kenya Airways begins 2nd Phase of staff layoffs


NAIROBI: It’s not a good news – again – for Kenya Airways employees.

The national airline of Kenya announced that it had begun the second phase of restructuring which will result in more layoffs.

The airline tweeted that 38 personnel would be laid off during the second phase. In the first phase of restructuring, it sacked 80 staff members in July 2016.

“’Operation Pride’ focuses on three main priorities – closing the profitability gap, refocusing the business model as well as optimizing the capital structure of the company. The strategy started to bear fruits with the business reporting operational profit as at its half year 2016-2017 results,” Kenya Airways statement said.

“Difficult decision, however, have been made to achieve this. It is in this light that the Airline earlier announced its right sizing exercise; with Phase I that affected about 80  staff members carried out in July 2016. The Airline issued a notice to right size through staff redundancies and redeployment on March  31, 2016 as required by law and an update was issued to staff on May 4, 2016 following intense consultation with all parties involved,” the statement said, adding that “the next Phase of the exercise impacts 38 staff members and will commence today (Jan.10).”

Kenya Airways said: “After implementation of Phase I of the restructuring process, we continued looking for opportunities for productivity and efficiency gains as well as upskilling within the business. After a lot of consultations the next phase of the process is now ready to be rolled out. There is never a perfect timing for such actions, and we will ensure that the process is handled within the values of our airline,” Said Mbuvi Ngunze, Group Managing Director and CEO of Kenya Airways.

“The Management remains cognizant that this is a difficult period for Kenya Airways family and employees assistance will be available for affected staff,” it noted.

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