Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6:12 am

Flight diverted so that passengers can use toilet


LONDON: A New York to Paris flight was diverted to Ireland’s Shannon Airport so that passengers could use toilet.

The aircraft’s lavatory was not serviceable in the air, therefore the crew told air traffic controllers that they wanted to divert the flight so that the passengers could use the toilet.

The Open Skies flight was nearly 500 kilometers south west of Ireland and still 90 minutes from destination when the crew made the decision to diver flight to Shannon Airport.

The flight – carrying 184 crew and passengers – landed at around 7.30am and took off two hours later after the service.

Ireland’s Shannon Airport has been in the news of late – though not for its own reason.

Two days ago, a flight had to be diverted to Shannon Airport due to an emergency onboard Air Canada flight when a 10-year-old girl suffered from cardiac arrest and died.

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