Thursday, September 21, 2017, 9:01 am

Celebrities slam Delta for kicking famous vlogger off from flight, demand boycott


Celebrities are slamming and demanding boycott of Delta Airlines after famous vlogger Adam Saleh – known for his YouTube pranks – was disembarked from the flight for speaking Arabic.

Olivia Wilde, American actress, model, producer, director, activist, and entrepreneur, and Karim Kharbouch, American hip hop recording artist better known by his stage name French Montana, slammed the airline and demanded the boycott.

“I don’t like speaking on things like this but this struck a nerve… I have a mother that doesn’t speak English and discrimination like this make me really sad. The fact that this can happen to her makes me sick. I’m NOT using delta anymore,” the French wrote on Instagram.

The airline claimed that Saleh and his friend were removed from the flight after “more than 20 customers” expressed their discomfort. “We’re getting kicked out because we spoke a different language,” Saleh said in the video. “This is 2016,” the vlogger said.

“Fellow Americans, we are not defined by our narrow-minded president-elect,” Wilde tweeted. “If you witness discrimination, stand up and demand justice.”

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