Thursday, September 21, 2017, 9:06 am

Malaysia Airlines’ A380 flight to Madinah diverted to Mumbai


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines flight to Madina was diverted to Mumbai due to problem with the fuel transfer system, the airline said on Thursday morning.

“Malaysia Airlines’ Umrah Charter flight MH8205 on 28 December from Medina to Kuala Lumpur has been diverted to Bombay (airport) due to a problem with the fuel transfer system on board.

“As precautionary measure, the operating Captain decided to land the Airbus 380 aircraft although there was no immediate safety issue. The flight has safely landed in Bombay and is currently being assessed by local engineers,” the airline said in a tweet.

It said safety remains of number one priority to Malaysia Airlines and it’ll do its best to ensure utmost care for passengers while in Mumbai.

Malaysia Airlines apologised for the inconvenience and will provide updates later.

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